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Rosacea Symptoms

While Rosacea is considered a tricky ailment for diagnosing because of its similar appearance with acne, you can always be on the look out for certain Rosacea symptoms. Common Rosacea symptoms include:

  • One of the most common Rosacea symptoms includes noticeable reddening of nose, face, mouth and eyelids. The simplest method for describing such redness is it gives similar look that is also visible during sunburns.
  • Your skin is full with perceivable red lines. These red lines are formed due to disrupted or broken blood vessels that are present under your skin. They are usually not painful but they can easily be perceived. In severe situation of Rosacea, the red lines look similar to a varicose vein, but they are located on the cheek instead of the leg.
  • Bouts of burning or stinging sensation are visible on your face. This Rosacea symptom can even manifest in the shape of itching on your face. They are similar to bee sting or sunburn, but it spreads more than the other two. If this Rosacea symptom persists for a longer period then you should consult a physician.
  • Swelling on the face for a considerable period is also recognized as one of the common Rosacea symptoms. Women find it difficult for pinpointing this symptom as they also retain water during the time they are in a period. When face swelling continues in other times, then they might be affected with Rosacea.
  • Little pimples white in color on the face are also one of the common Rosacea symptoms. These Rosacea pimples are smaller than the one produced by acne. Rosacea pimples are often packed with puss. If these pimples are left untreated, the places where they are formed can have larger pimples on the top. A quick checkup by your physicians allows you to have a clear idea whether the pimples are formed due to Rosacea or acne.
  • Rosacea can accompany eye troubles too that can vary from being mild to becoming enormously severe. These eye problems are not likely to show when you take antibiotics for treating your Rosacea.
  • Blepharitis is an eye trouble which has been associated to the extreme Rosacea cases. The major signs of Blepharitis are dry, inflamed and crusty eyelids.
  • Conjunctivitis can also be considered a Rosacea symptom. Conjunctivitis is an eye ailment related to gritty feeling in eyes.

There are also other symptoms that can be noticed while your skin comes across Rosacea. Iritis and Keratitis are infections, which are generally noticed in the idea, can be considered as common Rosacea symptoms. The one thing you should always remember is that the initial stage of Rosacea is impossible to be perceived by us. We need to monitor the reaction of other people around us for knowing if the disease has taken effect or not. Once you come across any of the Rosacea symptoms mentioned above, it is your responsibility to take quick action against the same and make the effect minimal to an extent where further problems cannot harm your body.

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